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What is a Property Inspection and why is it so important?


A Property Inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection of a property, carried out by a qualified professional who is  trained to inspect buildings and their components. 

The  inspection is designed to provide you with all the information you need  to make an informed decision about your potential purchase. You will be able to look at the deal with insight and clarity with regards to any  major issues (if any) present within the property, and which items may need attention.

Due to it's non-invasive nature, a property inspection will focus predominantly on patent defects which are defects readily apparent upon a reasonable inspection of the property. Examples of patent defects may include cracks in a wall, missing roof tiles or low water pressure. It's important to bear in mind that no part of the property will be dismantled or removed during the inspection process.

This is not to say that latent defects - less obvious defects such as a leaking roof or foundation movement, won't be identified. Some of the more obvious defects identified during a property inspection may be symptoms of a larger underlying issue. For example, a door that doesn't close properly is noted as a patent defect but may indicate foundation shifting or settling and further investigation would then be recommended by the inspector.

A property inspector is NOT a specialist or expert in any particular field and therefore not qualified to provide an opinion on the specifics of an identified defect. Rather, a recommendation would be made to the client to seek the expertise of a specialist such as a structural engineer, electrician or  waterproofing professional.

As a generalist, a property inspector will be able to flag potential issues within the more complex components of a property, however further investigation by a relevant expert may be required. For example, an inspector would be able to identify incorrect wiring within the property's electrical system but an electrician would be needed to look into and provide their expert opinion on the matter.

Essentially, a property inspection done by a trained and independent inspector provides clarity and transparency, opens the lines of communication between buyer and seller and brings about a quicker, more efficient sales process. 

Currently our  service area includes Property Inspection in Johannesburg and  Property Inspection in Sandton.

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